Pelvic Medicine Center

The Pelvic Medicine Centre is the first one stop integrated multidisciplinary service in Australia to offer diagnosis, treatment and management solutions for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction.


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Botulinum Toxin for Persisting Pelvic Pain

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This unique service brings together expert clinicians in gynaecology, urology, colorectal surgery, male sexual health, physiotherapy and psychology who collaboratively develop an individualised and comprehensive treatment plan.

Your first contact is by phone to book an appointment with our Medical Coordinator who will assess your needs and then arrange for the right specialists in our team to provide expert medical, surgical and psychological solutions required to restore pelvic function.

Call us on 1300 698 699 and we will manage the rest.

How To Contact The Pelvic Medicine Centre

  1. Call the PMC Line 1300 698 699. if you have a referral from your Doctor
  2. If you do not have a referral from your local doctor please contact the Lilian Cooper Centre on 07 3832 1666 and one of  our Medical Doctors will conduct an initial assessment and then arrange for the right specialists to see you.
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