The Pelvic Medicine Centre is an initiative of St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital designed to bring together a specialist interdisciplinary team for the treatment of pelvic disorders.

The St Andrew’s Pelvic Medicine Centre is an innovative multidisciplinary clinic that aims to provide “whole of patient care” for both men and women experiencing a wide range of pelvic conditions; including incontinence, prolapse and male sexual dysfunction.

The presence of a diverse range of specialty practitioners delivering services at the one venue, combined with regular case conferencing, facilitates a smooth and well managed journey through the treatment and healing process.

The Pelvic Medicine Centre capitalises on the breadth of existing world-class facilities of St Andrew’s Hospital including surgical theatres, imaging suites and onsite rehabilitation and urodynamics services.

With the social stigma surrounding some of the symptoms of pelvic floor complaints, such as urinary and faecal incontinence, many people in the community (particularly in more isolated rural areas) continue to suffer these symptoms in silence.

With a program of community education and regional outreach service delivery, specialists at the Pelvic Medicine Centre hope to raise awareness and provide access to people of all ages following “best practice” diagnosis and treatment.

This unique service brings together expert clinicians in gynaecology, urology, colorectal surgery, male sexual health, physiotherapy and psychology who collaboratively develop an individualised and comprehensive treatment plan.

Your first contact is by phone to book an appointment with our Medical Coordinator who will assess your needs and then arrange for the right specialists in our team to provide expert medical, surgical and psychological solutions required to restore pelvic function.

Call us on 1300 698 699 and we will manage the rest.

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